Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SS Rajamouli Revealed Eega Movie Story

Eega is a live action movie with an animated character ‘House Fly’ in the lead role. The story starts normally. Samantha and Nani are lovers.

The story of the movie goes like this…Villain kills the hero. Hero is reborn as Eega (Housefly). Eega seeks a revenge on the villain in its reincarnated form.

Now you know the story, so stay tuned for surprises and the build up for this most awaited movie directed by sensational director S S Rajamouli.

The story starts normally. Samantha and Nani are lovers. Suddenly for some reason the villain kills Nani brutally. Nani has his re-birth as a HouseFly(Eega).

This Housefly character is like any other houseflies, it is small, low in strength, but it remembers it past. It wants to take revenge with the villain. How the Eega manages to do that? How would the relation end between Samantha and Eega? We just have to wait a few months for the answers.


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