Friday, 13 January 2012

How to access or open a blocked website in School and College | How to unblock a website at school, college and Office | How to unblock restricted web

We found that most of the Organisations, School and Colleges blocked some special type of websites on there server. So that no one will be able to open that website. Those blocked websites are mainly the social networking sites, Public Mail sites, Various Download sites, Pornographic sites.
They blocked these sites because people or student spend a lot of time on these websites and make delay on there work without any purpose.
A)the website may itself blocking you
B) The website may be blocked by some one or by the institution
So here is the process to open blocked websites which are blocked by the above
Many websites occasionally blocked some IPs due to various reason like spamming, huge use etc.. And show you an Error Message that "Your IP has banned" or "Bad IP". In that case just contact your Internet Provider or Broadband Provider to change your IP.
after your Ip has changed you can use those websites on a regular basic.

Almost all the educational institution blocked some websites (like social networking, Pornographic content,download music and movies etc..) on there server.
You can open those websites in very simple process.
There are various websites which uses different proxy to gain you access those websites anonymously.
Just Open these Websites or or . You will find a search box on the website. Just write the url of the blocked website which you want to open. That is it.

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