Friday, 13 January 2012

Business Man Movie Review

Movie : Business Man
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj
Director: Puri Jagannaath
Producer: Venkat
Banner: R R Movie Makers
Music: S.S.Thaman
Rating: 3/5


Story takes of with Mumbai Police Commissioner (Nazar) announcing that entire Mafia has been wiped away and now there are no bhais in Mumbai. At the moment enters Surya (Mahesh Babu) in Mumbai with the aim of ruling the city by taking it over into his hands. Surya sets his eyes on Chitra (Kajal Agarwal) who is an artist and is Commissioner’s daughter. Suriya starts his crime business initially with the help of Brahmaji and grows as a Mafia leader Suriya Bhai and expands his business in India. Why Surya aims to become mafia don? What was his background and how he achieves his goal forms crux of Businessman.


Mahesh Babu as usual has rocked in the movie with his striking dialogue delivery, stylishness and charm. He showed good ease and variation in his comic and serious dialogues with modulations. Mahesh has brought the grace to Surya’s characterization.

Kajal Agarwal has a limited role but has added the glamour quotient to the utmost and of course impressed with her performance. She looked too good in Sir Osthara song and impressed with her sensuous dance moves.

Prakash Raj and Shayaji Shinde are perfect, Brahmaji is fine and Nazar is amazing. Dharamavarapu brings out few laughs. Swetha Bharadwaj has set the screens on fire with item number, she seem to be the new replacement of Mumaith.

Technical Analysis:

All the technical crew has done their job well. Cinematography by Shyam.K.Naidu is on top class and made every frame look rich, Thaman’s music is good while the background score is engrossing, editing by Sekhar is racy and crisp, action sequences were shot terrific, dialogues by Puri Jagannadh are good and gel well with only a section of audiences. Story as said by Puri is contrast to Pokiri and screenplay is gripping though had its own flaws. Production values by RR Movie Makers are standard.


Right from the word Go, every frame of Businessman has Puri Jagannadh mark style. Rather than the script, it is the dialogues that keep you glued. Looks like Puri Jagannadh has penned the story basing on the lead hero characterization. Puri has of late been relying on dialogues rather than story and this time he has got Mahesh around. Mahesh with his style, charm and intense performance impresses and makes it a one man show. Hilarious conversation with powerful punch liners are one of the highlights However, the dialogues are too bold that can be enjoyed only by the masses and youth and are strict No to family audiences. The first half of the film is entertaining and the interval bang is good while the second half is a bit slow though works in parts and the climax could have been much better. Mahesh pulls it off with extreme ease and confidence, and makes Businessman a one man show.

Final Verdict:

Businessman is Mahesh’s show all the way. Businessman is a feast to Mahesh’s fans but will not appeal universally especially family audiences.


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