Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How To Download Songs From

Hai Friends... Do You Know How To Download Songs From
Many Of us think That it is Site Only For Listening..
But There is a Software To Download Songs From
That Is
Orbit Downloader
Orbit Downloader is a free raaga songs downloader which can help you to download songs from raaga free and easily with great speed.
Also Orbit Downloader can download and manage FLV songs from almost all of social media websites like Flickr, Hi5, MOG, eSnips, Youtube, Myspace, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google Video, iFilm, Yahoo, Pandora Etc…

1.Run Orbit Downloader's Grab++ first
( Orbit Downloader's Tools menu --> Grab++ )

2.Play songs from raaga, then Grab++ will grab the songs for you.
Make Birth Of A Warrior for example.
Grab++ grabs the music when it is played.

3.Select the raaga songs in the Grab++ list then click ' Download...' button,Orbit Downloader will download the selected raaga songs for you.


(1) You could run Grab++ to start sniffer BEFORE playing the raaga songs in webpage.
If Grab++ don't capture the raaga songs, try refresh the page and make sure the songs is PLAYING..
(2) The raaga songs are in FLV format. And lots of FLV players are in software download sites.
(3) Some of the raaga songs can not be resumed because file-resume is forbidden in some songs servers.
If the connection is break when downloading, you could redownload it by clicking the download item's context menu 'Restart download'.

Click Here To Download Orbit Downloader Software


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