Monday, 21 November 2011

How to change the look of Vlc media palyer to Windows Media player

The classic look of Vlc media player is not so good. So we can apply any other media palyers skin there. To do so we need a .vlt (vlc media palyer skin file)
To change the look of VLC media player to windows media player we need a window media player skin file for vlc. You can download the theme file from here.
After download you need to install that theme file on vlc. To know more about how to install a theme file on vlc media player visit here.
After the completion of the process you will see that the vlc media player is looking same as the windows media player. So that you can access all your vlc media features on the windows media palyer.
You can find various features or shortcut of VLC media player here. We can also able to use our VLC media player as a camera device. To do so visit here


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