Saturday, 22 October 2011

Latest Technology Mouses

Logitech MX Air Mouse
Beautifully designed the Logitech MX Air Mouse works on simple gesture-based commands and is designed for people who want to take full control of their media content, i.e. photos, music, videos etc.

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City Mouse::
Shaped like an irregular rock, this design claims to map the sensitive movements of the user as input. These are utilized to manipulate 2D or 3D objects in virtual space of the computer. 

Felt Mouse Concept::
 This wireless mouse is made from natural wool felt and laminated bamboo ply. The felt’s softness and playability makes the mouse comfortable without looking cartoonish ergonomic.

 Jelly Click mouse ::
 The Jelly Click inflatable concept mouse could be carried anywhere with ease.

conceptClamshell Mouse::
The conceptual mouse is finished with a soft material similar to silica gel and support rods. It also features two steel buttons that lock and unlock.

Handshoe Mouse ::
The Hand shoe Mouse fits like a glove on your palm and is a plug-and-play PC gadget having two buttons, scroll wheel, support for all operating systems.

Contact Lens Mouse ::
Imagine if you could control your mouse cursor only with a blink of an eye. With I-CONTACT, it could become a reality.

 Grenade mouse ::
 Here is yet another weird design. I will never ever think of using this hand grenade mouse. 

 Apple’s Multi-touch Mighty Mouse::
The Mighty Mouse brings in a touch-sensitive top shell, a 360 degree clickable scroll ball, and pressure sensitive side squeeze buttons.  

Microsoft Arc Mouse::
Microsoft Arc Mouse was everywhere in the news before and after its launch. It aims to bring the best of both desktop and notebook mice designs in a single device.


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